How to turn your Home into a Money-Making Zone

Nowadays the biggest trend in any kind of business is starting your own business. And the truth is, it seems that’s the key way to survive especially in this hard Kenyan Economy. Most people have turned their homes into offices, which eventually they grow out of or grow into.

Making money from home is a lot different from working for a corporate. For starters, you are your own boss, forget the tedious and monotonous life of going to work everyday. On the other hand you need to create a structure that will work for you. These are simply ways you can make money from home but like I always say you need to be focused and determined to make some money.

1. Cook for people from home 

What you can do is start a home cooking business. How do you do this? Cook for people from home and let people order in, you could prepare a menu and post online, post photos of the food and then once people order pack their lunch and then either drop it or send it using a boda boda.

how to make money from home
2. Sell your used and unwanted items

Remember those items you don’t usually care about? Well how about you clean them up and sell them? Get your friends to model clothes and then you can post those on social media. For used household items there are pages and social media platforms that will allow you to sell your stuff really fast. You can also help other people to sell their things then you get a commission.

how to make money from home
3. Become a freelancer in your area of expertise

Whether you’re good at marketing, writing or even data entry you can offer your services online and make money from home. If you’re a freelancer you get to decide how many hours you want to put into whatever you choose to do.

how to make money from home
4. Do people’s hair from your house 

Be innovative, if you love beauty and style then this would be the perfect chance to not use money on rent and just advertise your services online. Get your first client, do her hair, take photos, post it online and get customers. Get a blow dry and have unique styling tips so that you can actually become relevant.

how to make money from home
5. Help students with their online assignments 

You can also be a home tutor, so instead of you going to people’s houses you can tutor kids from your house or even online. On the other hand, there are loads of people who could use some help and would be willing to pay to get their work done. If you’re smart and studious you should be able to make some money.

6. Buy mitumba clothes and sell online

Because why not? There are people who are usually too tired to actually go digging for great clothes in Toi or Gikomba. So the best thing to do is buy some great clothes or home decor like curtains or rugs from Toi then sell them online.

how to make money from home

Money is there to be made, the first thing you need to do is just start. Don’t over think it, just construct a plan and get on board with yourself and even if you don’t make profits in the beginning you can do it if you believe you can and if you actually need more money.

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