What happens when his D game is worse than his Head game?


Imagine the disappointment you encounter after going out with a guy several times, he’s everything a girl can dream of….You’ve been playing it safe for a while now, practicing safe sex with his tongue and waiting for the right time for two consenting adults to take it to the next level. So you think to yourself, “Well, if his tongue is this good, then his D game should be on fire, anticipation is peeking as you wait and before you know it, it’s over. WTF! how is that possible? what just happened? Yes, honey, he came and left you hanging in transit.

Pole Boo!

What do you do?

1. Do you survive on head alone?

2. Do you go all the way knowing there’s no satisfaction?

3. Get good d*** elsewhere and keep him, because such “head givers” are rare to find

4. Pray he improves?

5. Tell him, teach him the ropes and hope he doesn’t get offended?

Foreplay is great, but its called foreplay for a reason, not main-play. So it is recommendable you at least try to teach him how you like it, they do say practice makes perfect and if it doesn’t work well I guess you tried. If you keep him make your intentions clear that there is nothing more coming from what you have, so your not accused of cheating, because honey I can promise you, they’ll be an away game from you for sure. We are sexual beings innately and so if we fail to get the satisfaction we need we will search elsewhere.

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