Umoja 2 officer suicide condemned by police commander Bungei


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A male police officer attached to the Umoja 2 camp in Nairobi has committed suicide by shooting himself dead.

Police commander Adamson Mungei, OCPD Buruburu, has condemned the incident calling it unfortunate stating that its not part of life in the belief that there is a better way to live or solve issues.

According to reports the officer had a heated argument with his wife before he took his life.

This is a multi-loss for the area as the incident comes barely a day after a female police officer was found dead at her home in Umoja.

It is alleged she was murdered on Friday morning.Officers who were on duty with Kwamboka suspected something was amiss when she did not pick up her phone or report for duty.

It is when they decided to go to her Umoja house on Gaikuyu Road.According to a police report, on arriving, DCI officers from Buru Buru found the house locked from the inside and suspected something ‘unusual.’

The body of the officer was found on her bed with a deep cut on her head and blood stains all over the house.It is also reported that there were signs of strangulation on Kwamboka’s neck.

Police are pursuing her boyfriend as a possible murder suspect as they believe he killed her before escaping. The lover had earlier visited Kwamboka before committing the alleged crime.

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