ISSA MEAL: Foods to help you out in the Bedroom

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People, Can I just tell you the amount of versatility food has?? It’s able to satisfy both types of hunger…If you know what I mean.. *wink*.

If you find that you’re having a bit of boredom or yall slacking in the bedroom department, here’sa lil tip for ya. You can try bringing some food to the act. Here are some ideas you can use next time ya’ll wanna get freaky and sexy in the bedroom, kitchen, living room whatever rocks your boat. .literally. PS: Things are about to get real nasty AF!

1. Whipped cream

Damn! this just calls out sex you know? You can choose to pour it on your mans chest and lick it off .  Repeat this on his chest AGAIN, his belly button and finally, on his  D. And then, let him do the same for you – your neck, your boobies, the belly button and finally, your clit. This is a party I’m sure ya’ll wouldn’t want to end. Yeah?

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2. Honey

I know the first thought that comes to mind is ” but isn’t this too sticky?” yes it is really sticky. It’s easy to spread over cereal, your tea or whatever it is you love taking honey with. The best thing though is, you can spread it over your mans body too and vice versa. Massage it all through nice and easy. Get ready ladies, for things will get real messy and sticky. Wink

image 3 pexels
3. Chocolate syrup

Damn! damn! damn! Yes. three damns! This is like the best. You can use it in many different ways though. You can either dip your mans fingers in chocolate and suck one finger at a time; or you can opt to pour on his D and suck it all up. Oh! I meant, slurrp it all up. And in return, your man can do a number on you. He can pour some on your titties and your navel and suck and lick it off real good. Your pick.

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4. Cake

I mean who doesn’t like cake? I bet you’re already getting ideas from just reading the word cake. He can massage it on your ass or he can smash it on your chest. Whatever stirs his tea it’s cool. You on the other hand baby girl, you can feed it to him, you can have some D-toppings to your cake as well.

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5. Ice- cream

It’s a bit cold, but once you see it dripping down your man’s body, you are bound to get even hornier. You can choose to share once ice cream, or you can opt to lick it off his dick as well. Call it a Ball-sicle if you must? Let me not get too carried away here.

image 9 unsplash

So as you can see, these are but a few foods you can take advantage of in the bedroom. So what are you waiting for? I hear jingle balls around the corner. Wink

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