Has Ringtone Found a Lover? No more wife searching Videos


Ringtone promised the public that he will never stop finding a wife through social media until he finds one. And wow! Early on Sunday morning, he did not wake up with his normal wife rants. He rather woke up in high spirits and as an advocate for fitness.

It is also said that when one thing does not work out, try another one. It could be that the Kenyan Gospel Musician Ringtone Apoko’s strategy of finding a wife on social media did not work, forcing him to resolve into sensitizing the Public about something else- Fitness.

Every video that Ringtone has been posting for the last few weeks had something to do with wife searching. From his own compound to prayer centers to Karura forest. Ringtone has been appealing to people to help him firn a wife. Take a look at some incidents where he talked about wife searching.

Well, he also went ahead to describe the kind of wife he was looking for. However, the approach that Ringtone used to source for a wife was not appealing to so many people and some of the warned him to stop Publicizing his desperation on social media.

Well, Ringtone might have listened to people’s advice or he must have found a lady somewhere because he woke up just to advice people on keeping fit.

Ringtone says that he woke up early to cover 8 km run and called upon his social media family to do the same. He says that no one should blame God if they became sick because of laziness.

Do you think Ringtone, found a lover or he succumbed to people pressure warning him against publicizing his wife searching approach?


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