Arrow Bwoy’s never seen before photo cracks up the Internet

Kenyans have today been left in laughter after Arrow Bwoy shared his never seen before photo.

The ‘Jango love’ hit maker Ali Yusuf  shared his tbt photo as he turns a year older.

Arrow Bwoy will today be celebrating his big day at Christ Chapel Children’s Home In Huruma.

Arrow Bwoy says that the baggy trouser was his Sunday best outfit and this photo portrays the hardships and tough background he came from before the fame.


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Acha niende ivi alafu nirudi 😂 🙏 Throwback 🚀🚀

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Arrow Bwoy has indeed gone through a difficult path to become among the top celebrated musicians.

He once narrated how he used to sell fish to make ends meet before he ventured into music.

The noticeable transformation has excited Kenyans and equally turned out to be something to laugh about.

Kenyans think that the trouser he is wearing in this old photo is too big that it can be remade into 5 different trousers that would perfectly fit Mwala.

Although his fashion sense was laughable then, Arrow Bwoy is currently one of the male artistes who have such an admirable style.

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See how Kenyans reacted to his photo


🤣🤣🤣 kwani nguo zimekuvaa? Hio swag i can relate with you


Hio trouser ilikuwa larger than life


kweli mungu ni mkubwa kila wakati…


Wawa happy birthday to I can see watu hutoka mbali kweli…

Image result for god is good meme


@arrowbwoy hii trouser yako ni ya material gani we😂😂😂


That day uliva material yote ya Fundi 😂😂😂 anyways happy born day my 1st born son naona sasa meno karibu zianze kung’oka kama zangu sasa


Inashona trao tano ya Mwala

Image result for hahah meme


Happy birthday @arrowbwoy uoy… Live long to sing more love songs…. 😍😍😍


😂😂😂😂chiii!!!ya mungu ni mengi ya kuku ni mayai🙌🙌


Happy birthday to you maahn🔥🔥but allow me to laugh alil bit😂😂😂🙌🙌

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