Congratulations!! Kidum shares pics of his expectant wife

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Celebrated sensational Kenya-based Burundi singer Nimbona Jean-Pierre a.k.a Kidum is set to welcome another baby this year.


The singer shared pictures of the lover of his beautiful wife while holding her baby bump.


This comes weeks after releasing the song Umbwamo featuring Esther Nish. Previously he had released the song Telenovela and Nipe Nguvu, a song that got fans wondering whether he had switched to the gospel music industry.

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This song was also released after being discharged from hospital following a food poisoning incident. He revealed that;

I was about to be discharged but the hospital has just changed that decision because they have just discovered that the poison has spoilt my kidneys. Pray for me. My enemies have to be defeated by your prayers. Yesterday i was discharged but the officials of kenya airways decided not to let me travel because of my condition. So i was brought back to hospital and now i am not allowed to go. I am in this hospital to stay the way i see it

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