Birika wewe! Willy Paul ‘Massacres’ busy body fan

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Controversial gospel artiste Willy Paul is known of his hilarious  clap backs to his haters. ‘Bwana mkunaji ‘ spares no one who comments shit on his social media post.

Willy Paul who is currently at Houston U S  state Texas posted a photo of him with a caption; “Bwana mkunaji amechoka. Wacha atulie kidogo.. Houston I’m in Town”

However, this post set instagram on fire!


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Bwana mkunaji amechoka. Wacha atulie kidogo.. Houston I’m in Town

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All this drama started after a fan boldly told him  that he(Willy Paul) and the gays have no different because he has a girlish face.

Pozze did take it lightly, his come back was more hilarious.

“Wewe ndio punda ya wapi?Ama mkokoteni ya wapi?Shukuru Mungu leo niko kwa mood time be sure of what you say”he wrote.

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#WillyPaul vs Fan #clapback

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If that’s not all, Bwana Mkunaji  went on with his clap back.

“Hope watoto wako hawatakun kichwa busa kama wewe….birika wewe!”he wrote.

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