When you are with your family lazima usafishe Rada!

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All my friends are alcoholics and that I know I can start naming them for you, Br…… anyway they do drinking and they drink a lot, am not talking of milk or water or juice am talking about keroro/keg or mzinga, hard hard liquor, some of them have pink lips you may think they apply gloss on them.

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But some of us were taught drinking by our friends and not traditionally by our fathers as it should be. You are tricked into the first phase, ’Hata si kali!’ look at yourself now you can end an entire bottle like its babies milk you are gobbling and with no shame, you may or may not pass out or piss on yourself like a cow.

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But what happens when you go home and at the family function and they that you have grown some beard or two or your breasts are now firm a bit then they decide to at least give you some alcohol to prove your worth, but what they do not know is that you have been drinking alcohol like wine from the altar and that pub and bar owners fear you very much for you my finish up their shelves.

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So you sit there debating in your head of how you will play this out, so on your first sip and you close and grin your face like you were given some bitter herbs to cure your stomach and your family is very convinced that you have never ever drunk alcohol and they are now sure that glass is okay for you for the night and that will make you sure you pass out, deep down you just know you have a clean slate, kudos to you.

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