Ndio maana hauna bibi, Kenyans disgusted with Larry Madowo

Kenyans have today expressed their disgust over a video of Larry Madowo eating mice.

The daring Journalist says that he is always adventurous and felt the urge to try it out after he met with a  mice seller in the streets of Malawi.

Although eating mice is not new since several parts of Africa are known to feast on the delicacy some people feel that it is very strange.

The special rat family delicacy is common with the Mijikenda of the coastal region as well as in some parts of South Africa.

Are they eaten with their fur?  Are the teeth removed before  people can make a meal out of it?

These are some of the questions that people have been asking after this viral video that has been termed as disgusting.

Although Larry Madowo says that  it was an amazing experience and it tasted like chicken, Kenyans think otherwise judging from his facial expression.

A tweep thinks that the BBC Journalist might have puked after pretending to be so composed in the video.

Ever thought of eating a rat or mice?

After this experience, some Kenyans are confident that they too can try this adventure others seem to have made up their mind that they would never try it.

Larry Madowo is also rumored to have  eaten a frog while he was in Rwanda but this is still unconfirmed.

Besides that, he has been dramatic lately and we all recall that he shared a photo of ‘penis enlargement’ cream a couple months ago that triggered wild reactions.

From his recent video, it definitely had to be the talk of the city too. Have a look at the reactions


Deputy Resident 🤓‏ @willywahungu

Kidogo kidogo uanze kukula nguo za colleague’s pale BBC.

 1 hour ago

Joe Njoroge‏ @joenjoro7  Hakuna cha Mice wala sijui Rat. Panya ni panya man

Imani Immah‏ @ImaniImmah

My goodness you will never kiss me again

rose nyagathiri‏ @nyagathiri85

Yani uliacha panya za muthurwa za bure ukakule panya za Malawi. See your life.

Image result for i ate a rat meme

joanna‏ @joanne_thuo

I always knew deep down you were a rat eater

Malonza 🇰🇪‏ @Malonza__ 1h1 hour ago

If it tastes just like chicken, then I’ll stick to chicken.

Paka akiondoka, Larry anakula panya



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