I DO……NOT? Reasons why Marriage is not for everyone

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In this African society Marriage has been put as such a high priority in someone’s lifetime. There is literally a sequence to it: Birth, School, Job, Marriage, then Kids.

Unfortunately or fortunately, marriage is not for everyone so you have these valid reasons to not get married.

1. If you’re genuinely not built for marriage

They say that marriage is not an easy journey and women are usually the ones who end up sacrificing a lot for marriage. You generally have to be patient, learn to submit, take care of a home among other things.

valid reasons you should not get married

2. If you like your space too much

If you can’t imagine sharing your space with another human being even for a long period of time then it will be hard to be in a marriage. Sharing a space with a man is not going to be easy, especially if you like things a certain way.

valid reasons to not get married

3. If you’re only getting married to get children

You can get children without getting married, why am I saying this? It’s because getting children doesn’t keep a marriage, it’s understanding, love and other things that keep a marriage going.

valid reasons to not get married

4. You value your freedom too much

You don’t like someone infringing your rights or making you having to answer to someone. Marriage involves being answerable to someone and if you can’t deal with that then maybe marriage is not meant for you.

valid reasons to not get married

5. You still hate men a bit too much

You loathe them, you can’t stand them and you’re too bitter. If you haven’t dealt with whoever who hurt you before, you will carry that baggage to your new marriage. Please don’t do that.

valid reasons to not get married

6. Your relationships are always unstable

You don’t really know how a stable relationship works because you have never been in one before. You need to figure out why your relationships don’t work.

valid reasons to not get married

Marriage is not for everyone and this is a fact. Never feel like you owe anyone some sort of perfection that doesn’t make sense to you. Be happy, live your life, if you want a child you can adopt one of get one.

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