City Lawyer advice to Pres.Kenyatta on fight against graft

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Lawyer Donald Kipkorir has come out to give President Kenyatta one of the best advice to help him fight the corruption dragon that has been a nightmare to the nation.

According to Kipkorir, any type of corruption, whether money laundering, terrorism, trafficking of illicit and illegal products should not be taken lightly. He further continued giving analogies using America and Europe how they use all ways of capturing the corrupt individuals claiming that humiliating the individuals will the best to fight corruption.

“Fighting Corruption, Terrorism, Money Laundering, Trafficking Of any kind & Organized Crime must involve dramatic raids & arrests … In America & Europe, even helicopters & special forces are involved. It’s only by the public humiliation of such suspects that the war will be won.”

Lawyer Kipkorir has been vocal speaking about the ongoing fake gold scam and the dam scandals which apparently has never been solved.

The fake Gold has just like the dam scandal has seen prominent names of politicians dragged into the scam. It was reported that a member of the Royal family in Dubai was conned Ksh 250 million of fake gold.

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In addition, an audio leaked online where a voice believed to have been that of Bungoma Senator Moses Wetangula was heard communication to a member believed to be of the Royal Family assuring him that the parcel was safe.

However, Senator Wetangula has not commented on the issue even after the DCI promised to investigate the matter deeper to identify its authenticity. The senator is currently in Hong where he has been attending the anti-graft conference.


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