Mwangi Kiunjuri On the Spot Again For Sheer Disrespect of Authority

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For sometime now, Members of Parliament have complained of how Cabinet Secretaries and other senior Government officials have continued to snub summons.

This comes even as plans to get to the bottom of various issues affecting the Kenyan People have failed to bear fruits over constant defiance of the rule of law by Uhuru’s Cabinet Secretaries.

The latest to get into the skin of members of Parliament is Agriculture CS Mwangi Kiunjuri.

Kiunjuri is on the spot for snubbing summons to appear before the National Assembly committee on Agriculture over budget estimates.

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The committee warned on Monday that the budget-making process is bound by strict timelines meaning that they will be forced to crack the whip should Kiunjuri continue ignoring invitations by the committee.

The committee was forced to adjourn its afternoon session after the CS failed to appear before it and instead sent his Chief Administrative secretary to represent him.

Committee chair Adan Haji termed Kiunjuri’s absence as a show of disrespect to the team which he said has powers equivalent to the High Court.

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Hon. Adan Haji Yussuf

“We have been forced to adjourn the session to tomorrow because the CS has not showed up. We received an apology from his CAS who said he had travelled and jetted back to the country yesterday but he was to attend another meeting today… but much as we understand that a CS is a busy person, we feel Kiunjuri has not accorded this invitation the attention it deserves,” the chair noted in a press briefing in Mombasa.

Do You think it is time the National Assembly and the Senate set up strict rules and regulations to tame these Defiant Cabinet Secretaries?

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