LADIES! Here’s why you should keep your Salary Details to yourself

reasons you shouldn't tell your boyfriend about your salary

We advocate for complete transparency in a marriage because that’s a whole different ball game. But with every relationship you ought to be smart at all times and with your money these are the reasons you need to keep your salary on the low.

1. Why does he need to know?

I mean surely why does he need to know? I honestly think no one should know your salary apart from your accountant and boss. He doesn’t need to know unless he is the one that pays you, if he wants to tell you about his salary that’s fine but nothing more.

why you shouldn't tell him about your salary
2. He may earn less than you which may be awkward 

Men can be very insecure when they find out that you earn more than him. He may find other manipulative ways to make you feel bad about your success as a matter of fact it’s easier when he thinks you don’t even earn that much.

reasons you shouldn't tell him your salary
3. He may want you to sponsor him 

Some men out here are something else. He may now expect you to treat him and take him out on dates all the time like you’re his sponsor or mother. Do not be a man’s sponsor let him work as hard as you have sis.

reasons you shouldn't tell him about your salary
4. He may stay with you for the wrong reasons 

He may end up staying with you because of your money, this should not be surprising because there have been many stories of men using women for their money. Women do it but so do men, do not be used.

reasons you shouldn't tell your guy about your salary
5. He may make plans for your money 

All of a sudden you may hear him saying things like “babe we need to plan for our money” which is your money. He may include you in plans that you really shouldn’t have together if you’re not married.

6. Protect your blessings please!

You need to be superstitious because this is the only way you can protect your blessings. Don’t be that person who tells every single person about your blessings because not everyone is happy for you. When you tell your boyfriend about every small accomplishment you have some men start destroying your blessings with their evil desires and words.

why you shouldn't tell him about your salary

Naturally, a man should be happy for you, they should be supportive and even push you to do better. This is an expectation and sometimes reality is that some are too insecure to even be in your life. Stay woke and remember to always put yourself first.

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