Wetangula divorced as Trans Nzoia Governor Khaemba Decamps to Tangatanga

Bungoma Senator Moses Masika Wetangula is losing is political ground completely. Days after Boni Khalwale who was the Deputy Party leader defected to Jubilee, Trans Nzoia Governor Patrick Khaemba has also joined Jubilee.

Governor Khaemba defection to Jubilee paints a dark Picture for FORD Kenya. Hon Patrick Khaemba describes FORD Kenya has a party clouded with smoke offering no direction to its members.

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These were the same words , The Former Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale used to describe FORD kenya.

Boni Khalwale stated that Jubilee Party will offer the Luhyia Nation a chance to be in the Government.

Boni Khalwale is hanging on Jubilee party to help him clinch the Gubernatorial seat of Kakamega in 2022.

Governor Patrick Khaemba on the other side is future is opaque as he is serving his last term as a Governor.

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