PHOTO: Fena Gitu shares a rare moment with Raila Odinga

Kenyan Female artiste Fena Gitu is mindblown after sharing a rare moment with ODM party leader Raila Odinga.

The ‘Steam’ hitmaker met with Raila in a plane on her way back to Kenya from Accra, Ghana where she has been for a media tour

Fena Gitu says that she was indeed thrilled to get the privilege to seat next to one of the most powerful men of our time.

In the picture, Raila seemed to be in the company of other delegates including his son, Raila Odinga Junior.

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The Singer also added that that moment with Raila was a humbling and dumbfounding experience.

Fena took to her Instagram to share the photo she took with Raila and according to her, the overwhelming moment marked the high note end of her birthday season.

We all have influential people we wish to meet and for Fena this was probably a dream come true.

Raila on his end seemingly comes off as a music lover and Kenyans suggested to Fena that she would have performed for him.

Did she use this rare moment to pitch her music or request for a collabo or Raila’s appearance in the music video?

Well, Fena did not disclose how their conversation panned out. Meanwhile, Kenyans could not hold back their reactions have a look.

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Perform for him不不不不不不


Hahaha eish!! hope hakukuambia umuimbie


Tumejuwa nani ndio Sponyo


Did he tell you what its for? The Huruma number that is?


休休休休休休休休休 anza kumake colabo na y


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