Men Worry no more Kivin is here to pleasure your woman

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I understand you’ll have some questions but wait and listen first. It’s a glorious day when mankind and I do mean mankind   bravely pushes through the confusion and wilderness of uncharted sexual territory only to discover something in practice for thousands of years. Today, that’s the Kivin Method, a sideways oral sex technique that promises to give all types of women guaranteed, earth-shattering clitoral orgasms in 12 minutes or 10 minutes, or five, if you’re nasty.

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A tantric site refers to it as the “Kivin Method of Female Oral Stimulation,” and says it took 30 years to research. Uh, it took a man 30 years to realize you could turn sideways on a clit? Regardless, it’s considered a “new and effective way” to polish the pearl, as well as the “fastest way to get your woman to climax.

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You, the man or woman giving oral, will be lying sideways while the receiving partner is on her back so that your tongue can sweep across her clitoral hood between two points sometimes described as little grains of rice, while your finger pushes on the perineum or taint at the same time.

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The two points on either side of the clitoris you’re hitting are called the K points, and the taint is the C point. Theoretically, her taint becomes an orgasm readout: It vibrates as she gets close to getting off so you can close that deal. By working the two Ks and the C simultaneously, bingo. So what makes this method special is you can not only make her orgasm fast but monitor whether it’s working without having to stop and ask her.

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