Every Kenyan woman should have these Essentials in her Travel Kit!

What a woman carries solely depends on her sense of style, looks, smarts and character. This translates even to when she is travelling.

What’s in the typical Kenyan Woman travel bag you ask? Well,  every woman needs to have the most important travel essentials she cannot do without. Be it for day-to-day errands or travel these are a must have. And with such, she’s unstoppable!

1. Luscious lips & Make up

Be it lipstick or just lip balm, I believe that each and every one of you cannot leave the house without them. Whether you’re rocking red, blue, brown, nude, black, blue and just plain lip balm, you have the confidence of a lioness. You know that wherever you go, you’ll be rocking that lip color like a boss. For those who love make up and those who love their bare faces, You know the drill. You are sexy and you know it! No matter the color you rock, it makes you feel super sexy and confident. Ps: Don’t forget sunscreen and moisturizer, which by the way, are very good for your skin. There is one made for each and every type of skin. OWN IT.

Top 5 Zumi Woman Travel Essentials
2. Outfits

Let’s be real loves, the only time you’re extremely comfortable is when you have carried an outfit for each day. You can never be too sure and so you carry a little extra, just to be on the safe side. An outfit a day, keeps the stress away. Your travel bag may be a tad bit heavier, but at least you’ll look sexy each day. Win Win. right?

Top 5 Zumi Woman Travel Essentials
3. Sweet fragrances

A woman always has to smell good. You are simply incomplete if you don’t carry a perfume in your bag. Be it bath and body works hand lotion and body splash. I bet some of ya’ll have the mini fragrance bottles as well. These yummy fragrances will have you smelling like the rainbow ( I have no idea how the rainbow smells like, but i am imagining that it smells heavenly). Different fragrances  for your different moods. One day you’re smelling like Beyonce’s Lemonade, and the next, you’re out here smelling like Rihanna’s work song.

Top 5 Zumi Woman Travel Essentials
4. Toiletries

Let’s not forget to carry the most important thing of all ladies. . . You know how our cycles can be sometimes. . just like our emotions, we always need to be prepared so as to avoid any mishaps and accidents. Wouldn’t want you rocking those blue jeans or white shorts, only for them to be stained. Better safe than sorry, right ladies? So, stock up on those pantie liners , sanitary pads, wipes, pocket tissues, an extra pair or knickers and a mini bag; specifically designed to carry these. We got you.

Top 5 Zumi Woman Travel Essentials
5. Comfortable footwear

It is always advisable to carry an extra pair of flip flops and doll shoes. If you’re a high roller ( high heels), you’ll need to carry comfortable shoes with which you’ll be able to move around with. Let’s be real, sometimes our feet get tired of the heels and blocks. Let them breathe a little bit and make you feel super comfortable. Just as heels make your feet look gorgeous, even trainers, sandals and doll shoes. Remember, a woman can make anything work!

Top 5 Zumi Woman Travel Essentials
6. Accessories & a notebook

From Tussle earrings to loop earrings to studs. From chokers to chains to bracelets. From neck pieces to watches to rings. Carry the accessories you feel suit the occasion. Don’t carry too much as well as too little. Just take what you need and what you feel best suits your outfit selection. Don’t forget to carry a notebook as well, for you might need to jot down some ideas and important notes.

Top 5 Zumi Woman Travel Essentials

These are just but a few travel essentials. There is still a whole lot more to consider and plan for. As much as we love traveling, it’s definitely not always a walk in the park. Nowadays, there are so many options and products designed to make your work far much easier while on the move.

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