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Early Christians were said to eat semen as a communion ritual, as they believed it was the liquid embodiment of the soul. Every so often, the question circulates, is it okay to eat semen if you’re a woman who likes giving head? After all, it’s the protein of a mammal, and vegans and vegetarians refrain from other versions of this, like eggs and milk. If it’s okay for women to swallow semen, noting that the ingredients of semen are mostly water, 1 percent sperm, and a mixture of amino acids, calcium, citrate, magnesium, potassium, Zinc and Vitamin C.

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Even if that tiny bit of sperm constitutes a reproductive cell,  because the human swallowing it is consenting   unlike the byproducts we take from other animals without permission, for instance,  it’s A-okay to consume the jizz. But why are we so obsessed with semen as food, when it’s a bodily fluid? Probably because it has deep cultural, historical and spiritual roots as food we even call it a “superfood” because of its ingredients.

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As Michel Foucault summarizes it in his History of Sexuality (1990: 130), “by expelling their semen, living creatures…deprived themselves of elements that were valuable for their own existence.” This is one reason why eating “liquid soul” was an early Christian ritual. Semen became the Eucharist and Host of the body. If it’s eaten, then it’s not wasted! Perhaps they took The Gospel of Eve literally, which says to “gather your seeds” and to not waste them.

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Some of these Christians believed Jesus was the first to show us, at the Last Supper, how to consume his soul through oral sex. “This body-blood is my soul. Eat it so that I may live in you forever.” We may know about these early Christian beliefs because they were described in detail by Iranius and Epiphanius, the Church Fathers bent on exposing heretical Christians.

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