Chipukeezy promises big birthday party for ‘Mathwiti’ kid

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Top comedian Vincent Muasya alias Chipukeezy has promised to hold a big birthday party for ‘Mathwiti’ hitmaker.

Chipukeezy will hold a bash plus his show in Mbugua’s home during his birthday.

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James Mbugua is famous for his viral video “Mathwiti, Makeki, Ghai” which caught many Kenyans cracked up.

The phrase Mbugua used was after he was yanked off a party for not dressing well which made him miss the sweets and cake offered.

Fast forward, he was recognized after some few years and is now a household name in the music industry after he dropped his debut single dubbed ‘Mathwiti’.

After he resurfaced, many companies have come up to help him in many ways. Jambo Pay promised to pay his school fees until tertiary level and has landed lucrative deals with cake company.

Chipukeezy also promised him to hold a birthday party just to ‘shame’ the neighbors who denied him a cake when he was young.

This was after he appeared on Chipukeezy show where NACADA director made a pledge.


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