Another Tanga Tanga MP Charged in a NCPB Multi-Million Syndicate

What Kenyans are yet to understand is whether Tanga tanga members are being targeted or its their huge appetite for fraud and quick money.

Sirisia MP John Walukhe joins the list of Ruto allied MPs who have been implicated in various corruption scandals in the country.

The Sirisia MP and businesswoman Grace Wakhungu have ben acussed of  defrauding the National Cereal and Produce Board by obtaining millions of shillings for maize they did not supply.The two directors and their firm Erad Suppliers and General Contractors Ltd are accused of receiving money from the National Cereals and Produce Board after falsifying documents.

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The court  has ruled that in February 2009, MP Walukhe and his associates  presented a false invoice of Sh 115,072,725 on February 24, 2009 as evidence in the arbitration dispute between the company and NCPB. They claimed that the invoice was to support the cost of storage of 40,000 metric tonnes of white maize, which was allegedly incurred by Chelsea Freight.

Businesswoman Grace Wakhungu is the mother to former CS Judy Wakhungu. She is also a director of Erad supplies, the company which is as well owned in part by John Walukhe.

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“Going by the evidence adduced by the prosecution side the court is certain that a Prima face case has been made against the three to warrant them being placed in their defense,” said the court.

The cereals board lost approximately 1.9 b shillings to unscrupulous business people who either did not supply to the national storage or were fake farmers.An audit report released by the Auditor general last year shows there were up to 220 fake farmers who were paid millions of shillings over maize which they did not deliver.

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