AMENIPA JUJU: Are you in a Cult??

Signs you're in a cult

Now, you may or may not know whether you are in a cult. Lemme help you out with some simple facts.

A cult is a system of religious veneration and devotion directed towards a particular figure or object. The system is meant to control you and make you indebted to one thing. In most cases, the members are brainwashed and follow what their leader says regardless of how crazy it may be. In case you’ve been wondering, here are signs you’re in a cult.

1. You’re not allowed to think or question the religion

A proper religion actually allows you to think for yourself because they have nothing to hide. When you’re in a cult they don’t like it when you question their decisions but expect you to follow them blindly.

signs you're in a cult
2. They add their own verses and scriptures to an actual religion

A cult will insist to have their own practices. They would rather add their own verses in the Bible than anything else. For example they may tell you that it’s okay to have sex before marriage while in reality it’s very different. They also only pick parts of the Bible that is convinient for them like giving money or respecting leaders and use that to manipulate their audience.

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3. They have peculiar practices

They have odd practices so they will tell you on how to dress and some even go as far as telling you to give them money for blessings and other things. There have been crazy practices where they tell you to even sacrifice something which is really out of line.

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It doesn’t take a genius to know that you’re in a cult. If you’re in something that feels off and unsettling just know you’re not in the right kind of religion.

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