A Look at Wetangula’s Journey to the Path of Destruction


One of the reasons why your leaders behave the way they do, is as a result of the period you retain them in those positions – whether political, religious, appointive, name them.

Take Hon Moses Wetangula for example. One of the oldest newspaper articles I have in my archive is a story of Hon Wetangula being charged in court for stealing client’s money. That was way way before many of you here were born. The Bungoma Senator was later acquitted.

Hon Wetangula was born on September 13, 1956. He was first nominated Kanu MP in 1993 after the first multiparty elections and also appointed assistant minister. Those was around when most of you popped up into the world. He lost in the 1997 elections then was elected in 2002 and kept the seat, changing over to Senate in 2013.

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WHEN you keep a person in leadership that long and make him believe he is the beginning and the end of the your life, he stops thinking about you. The diminishing of the concerns about mwananchi is directly proportional to the time they stay in leadership. Even Jesus Christ was done with his job in 33 years – actually the real work took 3 years and finished.

Today, the number of times that Hon Wetangula thinks about the poor man of Bungoma County is 2% of his time, when he has nothing else to think about. His mind shifted away from such thought way long time ago.


Today if he is not thinking how to make a kill in a gold scam, he is thinking of which camp to join for survival. And not just for survival, which camp is paying well presently like a listed company and which one has good business deals. In 2022, Hon Wetangula will be celebrating 30 years in politics and still asking for more.

And this is not just about Hon Wetangula, it’s about the whole lot of them. The whole lot of the rotted crop. That is not where the rain began to beat us, it’s where the rain continues to beat us hard.

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