You were the chief architect of the Fake Gold, fierce Miguna attack Matiang’i

The leader of the National Resistance Movement (NRM)Dr Miguna Miguna never tire when it comes to attacking President Kenyatta’s government.

The Controversial Lawyer has once again attacked the Interior Cabinet Secretary Dr Fred Matiang’ i after his name was dragged into the ongoing Fake Gold Scam.

According to Miguna, Dr Matiang’i is not new in the corruption scandals, from grabbing land in Runda to stealing billions that belong to the public yet even after been found guilty no action was taken.

“Mr. : You were the chief architect of the Fake Gold and Ruaraka Land Scams. You stole land in Runda then used public money and equipment to construct on it. You looted billions from the Ministry of Education. Justice Odunga convicted you on March 28, 2018.”

Miguna’s remarks came at a time when the fake gold scam is at the pick after the Director of Criminal investigations ordered for the interrogation of the scam suspects including billionaire and politician Zaheer Jhanda who is apparently one of the main suspects in the scandal.

However, Jhanda has since denied the claims saying that he was and has never been involved in trading fake Gold neither does he know how it looks like. He has been seen around big names in the political scene including Dr.Matiang’i, ODM Leader Raila Odinga, Kalonzo Musyoka, William Ruto and even President Kenyatta.

Bungoma Senator has also been mentioned as the prime suspect in the scandal after leaked audio was heard where a voice that sounded that of his conversing with a man who sounded like an Arab where they were negotiating the security of the gold. However the senator who is said to have travelled to China on an official duty has not commented on the issue despite the DCI ordering for investigations.


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