When Talent Calls! Meet Kenyan actor who quit accounting into telling Stories

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Have you ever met a person whose biggest regret is going to school? well here is one. OneBlessing Lung’aho the actor who acts like a playboy in one local TV show says that his biggest regret is going to school to study accounting while his passion was in telling stories and acting.

In an interview to blessing revealed that he studied accounting as a career up to postgraduate level but later drooped it into acting.

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He said that his parents were not happy with his decision given that they had invested a lot of resources in his education.

I moved from being an accountant to telling stories. well, it was not easy because my parents were not happy about it. considering that they had paid my school fees up to postgraduate level. However, I just had to do it anyway, and Today am living my dream, yes I tell stories for my career

Blessing said

Blessin revealed that he rushed into acting immediately an opportunity came through because it was something he had waited for his entire life

It’s something I wanted for my entire life and when an opportunity came through i never had a second thought.

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Later his parents appreciated his work when they found out it was a success.

Now my parents saw my job and  started appreciating my work as an actor

When asked whether her role in acting like a playboy represents who he is, Blessings said no!. He actually said that he is a spiritual man.

I am not a playboy because acting requires a lot of preparation and definitely I have to create the playboy’s character in my head. instead i am spirritual.

Blessings said

Here is the full video

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