Pastor Says Wife denies Him Conjugal Rights Over Tiny Manhood

Image result for Nigeria courtToday, there are two major factors that lead to broken marriages. Under the sheets issues and technology, especially the social media thing.

One can control the social media influence on his/her union, but it is difficult to control under the shets shortcomings. here is a story of a pastor whose wife has been denying him intimacy claiming that he has tiny manhood.

Pastor Samson Farounbi, from Nigeria, was forced to move to court to seek divorce claiming that  His tiny penis made his wife to deny him sex for a long period.

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The man of the cloth pleaded with the court to terminate his 19-year-old marriage so that he could have peace of mind and restored dignity in his family

Telling about his predicament the pastor revealed that his wife who sells fruits at the market returns home very late and denies him his conjugal rights on bases that he could not satisfy her.

 ”There was a day I challenged her why she always returns late and denying me sex. She confessed that the small size of my penis was responsible for keeping late outside and for refusing to have sex with her. She suggested to buy local herb for the treatment of my micro penis which cost N5,000 but I priced it down to N4,000. I got myself treated with the ‘Agbo'(local herb) but she still felt the reluctance to allow me to have access to her body,” T

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The narrated Pastor narrated.

Apart from the conjugal rights, The pastor claimed that the wife was a real devil who mistreated his mother when she visited them, forcing her to go back to the village. He also revealed that she has poor relationship skills as she fights with everyone.

”My lord, she is a devil, always fighting people especially females, that come to my church for prayer, accusing me of flirting with them. We have never stayed beyond two years in every house I rented since we married 19 years ago due to her stubbornness and troublesome character. The five children of our union lack home training and always cursing me whenever I tried to correct any of the kids for doing wrong things. In fact, our first child has run away from home now and I cannot even locate his whereabouts. I urge the court to separate us so that I can have peace of mind to do my pastoral work,”

The  Pastor pleaded.

In response, the wife defended herself by denying all the claims but told the court to dissolve their union the pastor had requested.



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