Millennial’s care less about each others S3xual satisfaction

What do you know about sex? A weird way to start your Monday right? You are now like, sex? Monday morning? Yes, we are going to discuss it but not about the complexities of it but the unspoken rules people think that exist but are they there, should people just flow by them and does anybody owe you a good time during sex? do they have to make you reach there just because you let them get it?

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Human beings are very selfish individuals we are all out here for our own gratification because at the end of the day who will be satisfied, you, just you. There is this narrative that is being pushed by mainstream media that partners should make sure they satisfy the other sexually as a courtesy for the other allowing you to have sex with them.

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But who said so or better yet who is telling people so? Millennials are growing to be the most let’s call it care-free kind of spirit where they do not care if you enjoy sex with them, kissing, good foreplay, or whether you reached there because that is not their problem but yours. They are satisfied if you are not well too bad for you.

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