Miguna Reveals How Raila and Junet Swindled Millions From Kenyans

Controversial Leader of National Resistance Movement has come out trolling ODM Chip whip Hon Junet Muhommed claiming that he is in deed a chicken and a beneficiary of one of the biggest scandals in the President Uhuru Kenyatta’s reign the National Youth Service season one scandal.

In a series of tweets, Miguna unleashed information which he claimed was evidence that Junet Mohammed and ODM Leader Raila Odinga both stole from NYS.

“Here are INDEPENDENT book reviews to jog your memory since I know that the book is too long for your attention span. Don’t panic, Mr. Chicken Whip: your time as the imposed MP for Suna East is coming to an end sooner than you expected. Pole!”

He further continued saying that the reaction in Muhororoni which saw residents heckle the ODM Leader was an indication that the luo community were tired of Raila’s mistakes and disappointments

“Here is another report on how the Chicken Whip has been stealing with . Kenyans have woken up and will never tolerate thieves like you. Luos have started stoning Raila in Muhoroni. Too, you will have to flee to DR Congo.”

While responding to the controversial general Suna Member of Parlianment Junet Mohammed defended himself attacking him reminding him how he joined the then ruling party PNU so that he would write a book to insult Raila.

“Yet you embraced PNU soon after you realized you needed to write a book! Miguna stop preaching water and drinking achwaka….”

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