Kumbe hii Murkomen inakuwanga muoga hivi , KOT react to Murkomen, Junet twitter war

Kenyans on Twitter have come out to attack Murkomen after he took out his anger on Hon. Junet Mohammed following a picture he posted where the Deputy President William Ruto is seen as an invite in one of the fake Gold scam suspect Jared Otieno.

While responding to Junet’s picture,  Murkomen asked his opposition counterpart to advice his boss Raila to take the threats seriously. The Dubai  Sheikh are not people to joke with.

“Mbadi stop fake stories.Sheikh has said it’s either the gold or face the consequences.advice your boss to take the threats seriously.Those are not people to joke with unless you don’t read current for harambee but unfortunately gold&silver have we none!”

The online users reacted to the twitter war between the two leaders with most of them supporting Junet Mohammed considering that DP Ruto’s name has been linked in so many corruption scandals.

Here are some reactions from twitter

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