Handbag Trends That You Can’t Afford To Miss Out On

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On handbag is never enough, ask any lady they can confirm. We need a handbag for a rainy day, for a sunny day, for a cloudy day, a wedding, a market day….. everything needs a handbag to go with.

In the spirit of finding the handbag for the ideal destination, there is a new trend that has been taking the streets of Nairobi by storm they are just three designs but ladies are not content with having just three handbags. They include;


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Chain straps are back! There’s a timeless yet edgy feel that we love about the chain strap, a favourite on the runway. You can wear this as a cross-body, over your shoulder or even wrap the chain around the bag and carry it like a clutch.

Circular Bags

The circular bag has a dainty, romantic appeal. Whether it’s woven or leather, small or large, this playful handbag is the perfect accessory to any outfit and can easily make the transition between day and night.


The mini-bag proves that dynamite comes in small packages. It’s a hit on the runway, streets and with celebs. What’s not to love about this miniature creation? Its size does, however, make it more of an accessory, rather then a functional bag, but who needs functionality when you’re carrying this statement piece?

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