Edith Kimani shares video to confirm they’re an item with Fena Gitu

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Fena Gitu caused a stir when she was seen in a very suggestive photo with Edith Kimani.

The two have been best friends for quite some time now and they do not hide about it.

Over the weekend, the two were in Ghana together, where Fena had gone for an event and Edith was on work assignment.

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Ms Kimani, who works for a top German media house, Deutsche Welle, shared a video gushing about Fena.

She visited Fena’s hotel and shared a video of their light moment together.

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So now that work is done, I finally came to see the lover of my life.

Fena then joins in the video and Edith adds;

Hata sahi ndio ameamka because she’s a superstar.

This is not the first time the two are sharing a video of them expressing their love for each other. Back in 2018, Edith shared a video, of her praising Fena’s musical prowess.

fena ngoma zako ni kali [she said while Fena pecked her cheek].

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Edith continued,

This is boo right here. You wanted video EVIDENCE? ndio hii. Now you know. Andikeni sasa mchoke.

She asked Fena in jest, what the trolls would be? The musician responded;

Fena Gitu and Edith Kimani spotted.


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