Zari leaves Diamonds House- Moves into newly acquired executive house

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Businesswoman and a mother of five Hassan has moved out of Diamonds house, which he acquired for her when they were a couple to a new mansionette which KingBae acquired for him.

This follows controversies which arose when Her ex-husband reminded the public that the house in which Zari was living with his family was His. Diamond brought the claims after zari accused him of being a deadbeat. He said that Zari never acknowledged that he managed to shelter the children.

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Zaris Previous house

Now after Diamond spoke, a section of his fans started trolling Zari asking her to move out of the house. among them was her lifetime rival, Mange Kimambi.

“Zari if you can hear me move out of that House, you are a billionaire” Diamond’s fan commented.

In response, Zari clapped back to the critics by writing.

“Tabia za kuzaa na wanaume bila kutumia akili sio tatizo langu. Wenye comment za toka kwa nyumba yetu. Nilitumia akili zangu kununuliwa nyumba na watoto wangu. Kumbuka nyumba ninazo 4 apa sauzi. Mwenye uwezo wake aje anitoe. (that nasty behaviour of bearing children with men without using your brains is not one that I exhibit. Those commenting and asking me to move out, listen, I used my brawn to get [diamond] to buy me this house. Remember, I have four houses in south Africa. Those who dare can come and remove me from this house).” 

Since then zari has been receiving a lot of pressure to move out of Mondi’s house.

All this drama seems to have angered Zari’s new lover and he resolved to buy Zari anew house. Zari took to social media and hinted that she is getting a new house. she shared a picture of her and Kingbae and caponed!

Future backyard

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True to her words she got a new house where she just moved in over the weekend. Through a series of social media posts, Zari has confirmed that she is really in a newly furnished house.

Zari in her new backyard!

A series of videos showing that zari is in a new house


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There is no love like a mother’s love 🌷🌹💖💞#istandwithzari #kingbae #strongwoman @zarithebosslady

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Its so spacious Bae can carry Zari around on his back



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