“Wrong relationships just prepare you for the right one” -Akothee

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The controversial Lotto hitmaker, Akothee, has of late been talking much about relationships. The mother of five doesn’t mind being into another relationship after her several past marriages failed.

Through her social media accounts, she said; “The wrong relationships just prepare you for the right one and when the right one comes, you’ll be thankful that the others didn’t work out.”

Her statement comes after her previous talk about relationships where she warned ladies on following her advice at their own risks. She said; “FOLLOW MY ADVICE AT YOUR OWN RISK ( I DONT HOLD A DEGREE IN MARRIAGE, I ONLY HOLD DIPLOMA IN FAILED RELATIONSHIPS)

Its either people don’t understand English or they choose to read what they don’t want to understand. Every woman wants to get married and settle down with a proper family, but most of the times we fall prey into wrong hands, mess up ourselves, commit too much, get comfortable and before you know it, you are kicked out with a hand full of children.

Image may contain: 1 person, sitting and indoor

A woman should be able to provide for her own course whether single or married, dating rich or poor, so that, in an event that the partner exit, die, or not able to provide, she can still stand on her feet and provide for the family !

A woman needs to be independent, MEN are not Stones they need support too. So we stop complaining and start appreciating, men won’t change soon yet we need them, we have to up our game .

IF you are in love and happily married, stop complaining about his finances double it with yours if he is a boda-boda rider don’t envy couples driving, double your money with his you will soon own your own car.

In short, WE CAN ALL BE HAPPY IN MARRIAGE WITH LESS LIES AND HUGE EXPECTATIONS. Fake promises can only take you s far as getting into a woman’s pants or night, but not a relationship, be sincere to yourself. Anyway, I DONT CARE LEAVE YOUR HOUSE AT YOUR OWN RISK AND RECEIVE SO MANY NAMES &, STIGMA.”

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