This Is Why Netflix Is Unusually ‘Eating’ Your Phone’s Battery

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It’s not news when your battery loses charge but if it unusually can’t keep it’s power, it will cause you to look for all loophole that is making your battery life leak at an intense rate. Well, if you have Netflix on your phone, that’s why you cannot keep your battery a whole day without charging at least twice a day.

Waking up after a night of binge-watching on Netflix and then finding out that your battery drained like crazy overnight, so what is really going on? It happens that apps usually leave processes running in the background.

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It turns out that Netflix versions since 6.1 have been going into a background management loop of some kind eating up to 300mA while you slept.

Battery drained by the CPU by different versions of the Netflix app while the app is idle in the background (no user interactions and no video streaming) for 1 minute.

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So they reached out to Netflix with their findings and Netflix issued patches with their latest app(version 7.8.0) fixing the looping in the background issue so as not to consume any more battery life while idle.

If you have the latest Android version, good for you since they handle background processes more efficiently and you’ll never experience that battery drain anxiety when you wake up in the morning.

So if you’re planning to binge your favourite Tv show tonight or this weekend, make sure to update the Netflix app.

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