Passaris probed over gold murder scandal

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Nairobi woman Representative has been dragged into the gold scandal  by a probe question into the disappearance and murder of an assistant commissioner of customs investigating the disappearance of gold from Wilson Airport.

Back in February 2011, A senior Kenya Revenue Authority official who was leading investigation into a sh 8 billion gold smuggling syndicate was reported coldly murdered in the process.

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Slain Kra official burried

Joseph Cheptarus, 40, was shot four times at close range before his body was thrown out of his car, minutes after he was ushered into his compound in south c on Saturday.

The KRA’s Assistant Commissioner for Investigating and Enforcement was investigating, among other cases, the illegal importation of 2.5 tonnes of gold from Eastern Congo.

Witnesses and police said four gunmen shot him in the stomach after he entered his compound at his Seledo Springs estate in Nairobi.

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Ms Viola Cheptarus, the wife of Mr Joseph Cheptarus

According to his wife Viola, Cheptarus had pressed the bell at the gate when the gang struck. “He had not expressed fear, but this is pure execution and we believe it has something to do with a case he was handling at his place of work,” said Mrs Cheptarus.

DRC authorities had requested Interpol to track suspected smugglers and seize any consignments on transit in Kenya

“Cheptarus had been stationed at the airport to pursue how the precious metal is stolen from the DRC and smuggled into Kenya and markets overseas,” said a senior KRA official, who sought anonymity.

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To the question Passaris responded revealing she has no idea adding its sad his family probably lives in fear after what happened to their loved one.

She further stated that this also happens a lot in the drug wars, “This is when money is likened to “the root of all evil”. My take. It’s not the money that’s the problem but the greed of individuals that’s evil”.


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