Miguna, US Ambassador McCarter engage in a twitter war


Controversial Leader of National resistance movement has General Miguna Miguna has engaged on a twitter war with US Ambassador Senator Kyle McCarter after Miguna apparently appeared to be questioning the Ambassador’s integrity.

Miguna was responding to a tweet where Ambassador McCarter posted a picture while he visited Director of Criminal Investigations George Kinoti in his office.

According to McCarter, he noted the good work DCI Kinoti was doing in solving and capturing corrupt people who were misusing public funds.

“Appreciate the friendship of fellow Brother from Meru George Kinoti and the great work he is doing to . Let’s pray that the DCI can catch the big fish & make an example of how thievery will not be tolerated in Kenya. USA is backing you 100%”

While responding to the tweet Miguna asked the Ambassador to review rulings that the high court had made way before he took office as the US Ambassador to Kenya  during the time when Miguna was arrested under the order of the State and was later deported to Canada after it was reported that he was no longer a Kenyan and had revoked his Kenyan citizenship.

While responding Ambassador McCarter said that Miguna was in no position to question his integrity noting he didn’t know him well to do so and should, therefore, note he was interested in the welfare of Kenyans

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“You don’t know me well enough sir to question my integrity. Those that do know me & all I have done in my life wouldn’t even think about questioning it as you have. It is not best to debate on Twitter. We both care for Kenya. Let’s agree on that.”

In response Miguna Said,

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