Femi One advises how best to avoid contracting HIV

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The Pilau Njeri hitmaker, Femi One, has been on the front line in sharing information concerning HIV. She always gives information on how to avoid being a victim and how to live a normal life while still HIV+.

Through her Instagram account, she shared great information on why one should use PrEP.She said; “If I take PrEP, can I stop using condoms when I have sex? This is a common question I have come across.

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Truth is, PrEP is an HIV prevention option; however it doesn’t protect against STI infection. Using condoms is still the best way to prevent STI infections and unwanted pregnancy when used correctly and consistently.

So combining PrEP and condoms is the best option. Thank you all for your comments and DMs, it is important for we to take our future into our own hands, start now by heading over to my instastory and booking your appointment!”

This comes after she previously shared information on what PrEP is and how important it is. She said; “The other day I asked y’all about PrEP. Here is the info- Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (or PrEP) is a special pill to make you virtually immune to HIV!

It’s a daily pill that is 92-98% effective in preventing HIV infection. If you are ever exposed to HIV (maybe from unprotected sex), PrEP can stop HIV from establishing an infection in the body.

It needs to be taken as prescribed and it is only useful to prevent HIV transmission. Condoms should be used to also protect yourself from other STIs. Knowing what PrEP is, would you add it to condoms as a prevention measure from HIV infection?”

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