Chipukeezy Inspires: From Grass Thatched House To Leafy suburbs Of Nairobi

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Chipukeezy, real names Vincent Muasya is a very successful comedian and entrepreneur. However, his success was not served in a silver plate. He grew up in a very poor background with hope as the only thing that kept him going and believing that one day he will make it. In various occcasions, Chipukeezy has tried to give the public a picture of where he comes from by putting it in pictures.

However this time he spoke up about it during an up close with k24’s News anchor Betty Kyallo, on 18th May.

I come from a very humble background

Chipukkezy who now lives in leafy suburbs of Lavington said to K24 news anchor Betty Kyalo during the up close. It was such an emotional story and at the same time inspiring.

From grass thatched house to one of the most expensive suburbs In Nairobi.

Chipukeezy who is now a NACADA board manager has so many dolls in his Lavington house something that awes betty Kyallo.

When Betty saw the many dolls at comedian’s house, she asked why Chipukeezy had so many of them. The comedian opened up and said he normally buys what his mother could not buy for him when he was young.

This Kenyan comedian said that his mother was selling bananas at Tala market together with him and the only thing they could afford was food.

Chipukeezy said that he believed that one day he will make it despite critiques and discouragements he received from people but he did not give up and finally he made it.

It was a dream to have a house with cemented floor because we lived in a very dusty house and that was the very first thing I did with my first salary.

Chipukeezy said.

It might seem so dark and void but the destiny is not yet revealed. Keep walking, keep hoping, keep trusting. There is always some light at the end of the tunnel.

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