Why the audio linking Wetangula to Gold Scam is a sin of the past

A leaked audio  has put Bungoma Senator Moses Wetang’ula at the heart of the multi-million shilling fake gold scandal.

Detectives, meanwhile, revealed that the Ford Kenya leader was a person of interest.

In the audio conversation, Wetang’ula dropped the names of President Uhuru Kenyatta and Opposition chief Raila Odinga to assure a Dubai gold investor believed to be Ali Zandi that their detained consignment would be released.

Wetang’ula assured Zandi, a business associate of United Arab Emirates ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, that he had talked to Raila who in turn reached out to Uhuru to secure the release of the pricey containers.

“I am a hundred per cent sure there is no problem and tell Sheikh not to panic. We are finishing this matter and we will come and toast together,” Wetang’ula assured Zandi.

The conversation begins with an angry Zandi telling the Senator that the Sheikh had run out of patience, yet the players including Wetang’ula himself had pocketed their share to facilitate the release of the gold.

But according to David Ndii who once served as a Nasa Strategist during the 2017 General Elections, the leaked audio might be a sin of the past.

David Ndii argues that Wetangula mentions Ministers which currently we have Cabinet Secretaries. Ndii also states that according to the audio it stipulates that Senator Wetangula is in the government which is not true right now.

David Ndii claims that the audio might have been recorded during the Grand Coalition Government.

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