Neymar Receives Unprecedented Favour From Brazil Coach

A good deed pays but a wicked one only hurts.

Neymar was one of the best football players the world ever knew during his early days of his career. He was quite sensational with unbelievable dribbling skills. Above all, he was respectable. His inclusion in the national team was a plus and everyone would agree.

Most recently, the Brazilian international tainted his reputation when he was spotted punching a fan after PSG defeat to Rennes.

For that reason, Neymar was handed a three-match ban, a ban many wanted to be extended to his national team.

But when speaking to the press, Brazil National coach Tite admitted that Neymar ‘made a mistake’ when he clashed with a fan in Paris but that did not deter him from being included in the Copa America squad.

His three-game ban, however, did not extend to his appearance in the Copa America.

Tite further said to reporters that he is planning to talk to Neymar one on one regarding the conduct.

Brazil is set to host the Copa America as from Next month. The 2019 Copa AmĂ©rica will be the 46th edition of the Copa AmĂ©rica, the quadrennial international men’s association football championship organized by South America’s football ruling body CONMEBOL.

Below is a list of countries set to be featured in the competition;


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