Masauti reveals relationship with Mzee Jalang’o

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Rising Kenya’s next Wasafi, Masauti has opened up how Jalang’o believed in him.

Masauti is currently killing it and is on top of the game now beating the prominent Wasafi music in Kenya.

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It is less than a year when Masauti came into the limelight and definitely he is not a joke.

This dates back to 2018 when he failed to turn up in Jalang’os show at Hot 96 alongside Jeff Koinange. Jalan’go ‘cursed’ him for being a talented but lazy artist.

He, however, took the challenge and look at him now, he is making major moves.

Jalang’o has been promoting his music and his support has made him even work harder. Some fans think that Jalas is his manager because he is seen arranging logistics and appearing in shooting sessions.

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During an interview with Raburu, Masauti revealed that Jalang’o is like a brother to him and he has helped him so much.

However, he confirmed that Jalang’o is not his manager but is a concerned party on his music.

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