Dr Akombe reveals Government dirty secret behind Huduma Namba registration

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The Former IEBC Commissioner Dr Roselyn Akombe has come out to speak on the dirty secret behind Huduma Namba registration details.

Huduma Namba registration process has been extended by President Uhuru Kenyatta to date 25 May. The President has urged the Kenyans to make use of the one week extension to get themselves registered.

But according to Dr Akombe the entire process is a scam.

Dr Akombe has insinuated that the Government intends to gain control of the Big Data obtained through Huduma Namba registration.

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Then after gaining control, Dr Akombe has claimed that the government will sell the data to the highest bidder.

If this transpires,then it will risk the privacy of the people and even the entire nation.

Although, similar claims have been made by other Human Rights Groups, the Government has vowed to protect the Privacy of the information obtained through Huduma Namba.

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