Tension in Kiamaiko over suspected sectarian war

Image result for Businesses closed in  Nairobi eastleighBusinesses have been closed in Kiamaiko, Nairobi after police moved in to calm two religious groups who are fighting over the right to conduct worship in the area.

It is alleged that the violence started yesterday when a Christian preacher called the police on Muslim brothers who were having a gathering outside Huruma mosque.

Police intervened effectively to prevent an escalation of violence outside in the area which has a Muslim and Christian population.

Incidents of sectarian violence between members of Muslim and Christian communities have occurred with increasing frequency and intensity around the world creating dealy violence.Kenya on high alert against al-Shabaab during Ramadhan

Kenya police have issued a warning to the public to be vigilant of terrorist attacks during the holy month of Ramadhan. Police said the terror group is planning to use the month to carry out attacks on Kenyans.





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