Reasons Why Every Kenyan Loves Mombasa


Thinking of relocating to Mombasa or you want to start a new chapter in your life, Mombasa could be the perfect city for you. It’s a beautiful Kenyan city with exotic and scenic attractions, fantastic activities and a tropical ambiance.

  1. Romantic City

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Life’s a breeze in Mombasa, enjoy it, live it and appreciate the beautiful shores by letting the tide flow within you. Capture amazing sunsets and sunrises, have a romantic dinner with your lover or take a walk along the beach a dhow trip while sailing away in the sunset. Mombasa is the perfect city to rekindle your love.

  1. World-Class water activities

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What better way to enjoy the ocean life than going deep-sea-diving; kite surfing or snorkeling in Malindi, Kilifi or Diani? Or get a chance to play with the dolphins in Kisite Marine Park, take a boat ride and savor the ocean’s beauty.

  1. Mombasa is definitely the highway to heaven

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Even though it’s the second largest city in Kenya, traffic in Mombasa is not as hectic as compared to Nairobi and one doesn’t really need to leave the house and spend hours on end stuck in traffic. Getting by is easy with public minivans and tuktuks strewed in every corner you turn.

  1. Delicious Seafood

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Nothing is as flavourful and delicious as seafood, and what better place to indulge in fresh food than in Mombasa. With various restaurants serving fresh seafood, or if you opt to buy it fresh from the market, seafood in Mombasa is always mouth-watering.

  1. Marvelous beachfront resorts

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Mombasa offers fabulous resorts located on the Indian Ocean coast. These resorts are beautiful and they offer seclusion and top-notch services. Most of these resorts have drawn locals and tourists from different parts of the world. Diani Beach, located 30km south of Mombasa, has the major beach resorts on the Indian Ocean coast such as Diani Reef Beach Resort & Spa, Southern Palms Beach Resort and many others.

  1. Yummy Coastarian Foods

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We all love good food, the kind of food that tantalizes your taste buds while making you crave for more, and the only place where you can get to indulge in all this for a very good price, is in Mombasa. From Chicken Biryani, Pilau, Fish in Coconut Sauce, Bhajias and deep fried potatoes you will be spoilt for choice, get a chance to show off your cooking skills while trying out amazing recipes with the fresh vegetables readily available at the Market.

  1. Affordable housing

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Life in Mombasa is not as expensive, with houses being generally reasonable, one can always get decent housing at relatively affordable prices that can suit your budget, from lush neighborhoods in Kizingo, Nyali, Tudor, and other middle-class areas such as Bamburi, you are bound to find good accommodation in Mombasa.

  1. Nature-endowed parks

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Apart from the beach, Mombasa has amazing scenery and attractions that will take your breath away. Haller Park located along the Malindi Highway, ideal for a lovely picnic with family, along a nature trail with your significant other, or a chance to bond with your kids while cycling around the park with them.

  1. Remarkable Restaurants

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With so many amazing restaurants to choose from, for that romantic night out, one is always spoilt for choice in Mombasa when it comes to fine dining. Set the mood right at Tamarind, have an intimate drink out with friends among the various beach bars situated in various hotels along the beach.

  1. Bargainable commodities
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An amazing city when it comes to getting great bargains for clothes, khangas, and African fabric, especially in the heart of Old Town, where one is always bound to get amazing bargains.

  1. White sandy beaches

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Lapped by the Indian Ocean, Mombasa has an amazing shoreline with white sandy beaches stretched out from the South to the North Coast, readily accessible to all. They say life’s at ease with the ocean breeze, spending time watching the ocean can be very therapeutic, especially when you know you have the beach at your disposal any time you need to seek solace

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