Nairobi City council officer Filmed Harassing a driver Stirs Uproar

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Kenyans are crying foul over the misconduct exhibited by traffic police and city council officers within Nairobi and its outskirts.

In a video that has been going viral,  Male city council officer in full uniform is clearly seen forcing himself into the car  and forcefully takes the car keys from the driver. The private car driver tries to resist but the officer tries to fight him while people gather around to see the drama as it unfolds.

Take a look

Taking to social media, the Wicked edition host Dr. King’ori posted a video recording of about 40 seconds advising that it’s possible to end the menace.

A Kanju askari literally fights for a drivers keys in the middle of the street😳😳😳 There’s so many ways this could end . ..

His post led to an uproar over gross misconduct associated with police officers. The public is now condemning the officers for intimidating citizens,

Hivo ndo gava inatuforce kuchukua Hujuma number🙄😂😂😂

Naona itabidi msee akuwe na spare key kwa gari. Akihepa na funguo, akiturn anakuonea hukoooo Waiyaki way ukienda zako

That’s why I don’t hesitate running them over😒😒

Illiteracy on display, not until the city will employ more educated people. We will never have manners in our city. These city askaris sometimes behave like psycotics or thugs. Look at the man he is behaving as if this city belongs to her mother.

Why even give him the key? Never ever…mbaya mbaya…too much

hats the reason to always carry a spare key🔥

This is not the first time police officers are filmed while harassing citizens. In February Police officers were filmed by a woman known as Njeri while dragging a passenger from a Public service vehicle.

Later Njeri was arrested for filming them. Then the public reacted over the arrest and even created # ReleaseNjeri on Twitter




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