Mheshimiwa Fisi! Angry Kenyans turn on their MPs with brutal Trolls


If you want to see the true colors of a man, give him money. We once knew of a person called Moha Jichopevu. He was our own DCI, we believed in him more than we even believed in God. Everything he said was truer than the sun rising tomorrow.

But Moha Jichopevu joined Politics and the sun rising tomorrow.

Jichopevu is one of the MPs, who are demanding for a 250K Monthly House Allowance. Let us not forget that we gave each o them a 20 million house grant. So they want us to pay for houses they constructed with our money. How Greedy can one get?

Kenyan MPs are some of the highest paid people in the world. They also receive a sitting allowance everytime they sit in Parliament and a mileage allowance when they visit us upcountry. But they believe they are entitled to more money. Mafisi Hao.

It is for these and more reasons that Kenyans have taken to social media to troll their MPs with brutal memes and the tag #MheshimiwaFisi

Do you remember when these hyenas were paid as little as 10k to shoot down the Sugar Report. It just shows that the Parliament is full of very selfish people and we need to act now or they will feast on us.

We cannot pay these MPs more money, electorates are suffering while these Hyenas are asking for a pay rise for parking, house rent etc. Kenyans are for their own, we should scrap some positions to save money and pay Chinese debt.



They were solely elected to represent the interest of a common mwananchi. They have forgotten they major role in the August House. They no longer exercise they oversight role. They have turned parliament into a greedy place.

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