Jacob Zuma offers Super Performance at Daughters graduation–Watch

Former president Jacob Zuma was present at his daughter Brumelda Zuma's graduation at the University of Zululand on Thursday


South Africa ex-president Jacob Zuma caused frenzy during his daughter’s graduation at the University of Zululand (Unizulu) on Thursday.

The ever-charismatic father, in celebration of his daughter’s graduation, broke into song and dance at the daughters’ fete.

The newly labelled superstar performer thrilled the crowd in attendance by his prowess in renditioning a popular local song and emerging as the best entertainer.


The controversial politician, in his role as a doting family man, later took to Twitter to explain the joyous occasion and the spontaneous performance which transformed the graduation ceremony into a concert.

Zuma said: “Today was a special day. My daughter Brumelda graduated from the University of Zululand. I couldn’t help but join the choir in jubilation.”

Beautiful Brumelda Zuma graduated with a bachelor’s degree in administration

Zuma left office in February 2018 after his regime was marred with scandals.

Here is the video showing Zuma and daughter in jubilation song–WATCH:

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