How drunk Kenya Cinema staff beat colleague to death


A man has pleaded guilty to a manslaughter charge.

Anthony Ouma had been charged with murder but the prosecution reduced the charge to manslaughter. He pleaded guilty to killing Hassan Lokorachi on November 28, 2015, at Kenya Cinema, along Moi Avenue, in Nairobi.

Prosecutor Everline Onunga told the court that Mr Ouma and Mr Lokorachi were both parking attendants operating around Kenya Cinema.

“Your honour on the material day Lokorachi came drunk at the work station (and) a scuffle started between him and another man. Ouma then joined in,” Onunga told the court. She added that Ouma hit Lokorachi on the head with a beer bottle.

“Ouma then pushed Lokorachi against a wall and he fell down unconscious. My lady Lokorachi was bleeding from his mouth and nose and he was taken for first aid at St John’s hospital on a trolley,” said Onunga. Lokorachi was quickly referred to Kenyatta National Hospital where he died.

“Postmortem result indicated that Lokorachi died after being hit with a blunt object, which is consistent with our earlier submission that he was hit with a beer bottle,” said Onunga.

Justice Lessit ordered Ouma to appear in court on May 27 for further directions.

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