Common Grooming Mistakes that Men make

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Grooming routines are personal, but hopefully we have the same goal: to smell fresher and look better every day. Doing anything on repeat, day in and day out, means that we start to auto pilot through our ablutions.

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It’s a bit like starting out at the gym under the careful tuition of a personal trainer; technique is everything, but without someone there to watch, monitor and guide our performance we can forget to bend here or straighten up there and before you know it, we’re not getting the most out of our work out time.

The same thing can happen to our personal care regimes. So, here’s a list of hacks, tips and pointers to remind yourself how to do it better.

Shaving before you shower

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Hot water softens hair and a steamy atmosphere open pores. A post-shower shave should be easier, faster and help improve your skin by removing more impurities.

Shaving too quickly

In contrast, if you start from dry skin, take your time. Rushing or corner cutting leads to mistakes, nicks and angry, reddened skin.

Sloppy Teeth Brushing

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Nobody really gets taught how to brush their teeth. As children, it’s something we learn and then we’re more or less left to our own devices. It’s no wonder most of us are actually really bad at cleaning our teeth effectively.

Dentists recommend we brush for at least two minutes, and that’s why some of the more sophisticated electric brushes have timers and apps to help you see where you’re brushing and how long for.

The angle of the brush head is also important, regardless whether it’s manual or electric: if it’s flat against the gums it won’t be getting in and around the underneath where plaque builds up. So slant it to catch under the gum line. This will lead to less time in the hygienist’s chair, a healthier mouth and a healthier body overall.

Overdoing the aftershave

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It’s tempting to go all out on the spritzing, but if you can smell it strongly, it’s massively overpowering to other people. Perfumers call the trail of scent that wafts behind you the sillage. It can be a nice thing but for people who stink out a room with their chosen scent, we’re here to tell you: less is more.

Not using a hairdryer

It’s not rocket science: a blow dryer speeds up styling time and achieves a smoother look and more polished finish. The heat produced also helps plump up the individual strands, making thinning hair appear thicker.

Over plucking

A monobrow or wolverine brows may benefit from a little tweaking, but know when to stop. Don’t go above the brow, or take out too much from the middle. You want them to appear natural.

Not seeking out professional treatments

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Too embarrassed to have your bits waxed? Or a facial? Some treatments, like massage, have holistic benefits that help with stress and mental health, or they are results driven (i.e. will make you look better). If you want a chest so smooth you can see your face in it, or an all-over sunless tan, or to permanently remove every last hair on your back, there’s a way to do it, even in your own home.

Being disorganised

Packing in a hurry means you will have forgotten your razor/retinol moisturiser/glycolic peel. We’ve heard from well-travelled gentlemen that a pre-packed wash bag usually entails a well-groomed trip. Apply this logic to your routine at home: if you often go straight out from the gym, have doubles of everything you need in with your kit, or store them in your car glovebox/a drawer at work.

The same goes for regular hair cuts remember to re-book with your barber as you’re paying. That way, the weeks won’t slip by before you get round to doing it.

Ignoring your nails

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First impressions count and a manicured hand says you notice the details. This goes double for toe nails, especially if you’re thinking of putting your feet on public display after a winter’s hibernation. Don’t be scared to try a manicure or pedicure in a high street nail bar; the treatments aren’t expensive compared to an upmarket spa, the technician will do a better job than you will at home and you get to zone out and relax for a bit.

Loyalty to a lack lustre barber

There’s comfort in familiarity but if you’re auto-piloting to the same barber and have been getting the same style since you can remember, you might be in a bit of a rut. To secure a better cut, ask around word of mouth is still the best way to find someone good. Or see who’s coming out top near you on Instagram.

Using the same products for years

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Been using a certain product for years? Shampoos can stop feeling as effective over time, or maybe your moisturiser is no longer up to scratch. Our hair and skin’s needs often change over time, so it might be that your tried-and-trusted are trusty no more.

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