“You are a lazy artiste” Jalas’ TBT video that challenged Masauti

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Comedian Jalang’o has taken down memory lane on how he challenged musician Masauti.

Mzee Jalas has been helping upcoming artist Masauti who have grown to be one of the finest artists in Kenya.

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His exposure and advise have seen Masauti become a household name in the competitive music industry.

Through his Instagram account, Jalang’o revealed how he blasted Masauti for being a lazy artist for not pushing out his work.

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This was around 1 year ago when Jalang’o was hosting a breakfast show with the legendary Jeff Koinange on Hot 96.

Jalag’o had publicly declared that Masauti is very talented but lazy at the same time.

Masauti by then had done some songs but he was not ‘hungry’ for media exposure.

From the video, he called out Masauti for not taking his songs or appearing in their morning show, but look at him now.

Jalang’o acknowledges the challenge he took to beat his laziness and now he is sought after musician.

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